What is the role of high-voltage capacitors?

The high pressure vessel is composed of a cylindrical body, a cylinder top, a flat cover or hemispherical head, a sealing member and some accessories. Capacitors with low wear and tear, light weight characteristics, high-voltage power capacitors meet most national and international standards for capacitors. So, the role of high-voltage capacitors which do?
High-voltage shunt capacitor is mainly used in the frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) 1kV and above the AC power system, improve the power factor, improve the quality of the power grid.
Technical performance and requirements 1, the capacitance deviation: -5% to +10%, three-phase in any two line terminals measured between the maximum capacitance and minimum capacitance should not exceed 1.06.
2, the dielectric loss tangent tanδ at the rated voltage Un, 20 ℃: A. on the paper composite media: tanδ ≤ 0.0012. B. for full-film media: tanδ ≤ 0.0005.
3, continuous operation voltage 1.0Un, long-term over-voltage maximum value of not more than 1.1Un.
4, steady-state over-current (including harmonic current) does not exceed 1.43In.
5, the maximum allowable capacity does not exceed 1.35Qn.
6, installation and operation of the region does not exceed the altitude of 1000m.
7, installation and operation of regional ambient air temperature range -50 ~ +55 ℃.
8, put into operation, the terminal on the residual voltage should not exceed 0.1Un.
9, installation and operation of places should be no severe mechanical vibration, no harmful gases and steam, non-conductive and explosive dust.
Above is the role of high-voltage capacitors on the introduction, we want to help.
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